Upgrading from Hyperledger Besu to PegaSys Plus

If you have been deploying Besu using the Ansible Role on Galaxy, Kubernetes reference implementations, or Docker image, contact us for an equivalent PegaSys Plus version.


If your Hyperledger Besu version was released after the PegaSys Plus version you are installing, features added to Besu after the Besu version Plus was built on will no longer be available.

For example, Plus v1.1 is built on Besu v1.4.0. If you are running Besu v1.4.5 and install Plus v1.1, the features and fixes added to Besu between v1.4.1 and v1.4.5 will no longer be available. If you require an upgraded version of PegaSys Plus built on a later version of Hyperledger Besu, contact us.

Upgrading node

To upgrade your node:

  1. Obtain the binary distribution for the updated version. Contact us if you need more information.
  2. Stop Besu.
  3. Unpack the downloaded files and replace the existing Besu installation with the Plus distribution. To ensure the previous installation is replaced, options are:
  4. Put the Plus distribution in a new directory and sym link a current directory to the new directory.
  5. Delete the existing installation before replacing with the Plus distribution.


    If deleting the existing installation, ensure you delete only the installation files not the data directory or node keys.

  6. Start Plus.


We recommend storing your .toml configuration file under version control.

PegaSys Plus Features

The additional steps required to start using specific Plus features depends on the feature.

Encrypted Storage

The Encrypted Storage plugin must be enabled when the node is started for the first time and the blockchain database is created. That is, you must resynchronize your node to start using encrypted storage.

To start using encrypted storage:

  1. Upgrade your node but don’t start Plus.
  2. Configure encrypted storage.
  3. Resynchronize your node.

Hardware Security Module (HSM)

To ensure the security of your node key, we recommend starting a new node rather than adding the existing node key to the HSM.

  1. Start a new Plus node with Luna HSM configured.
  2. Synchronize the Plus node to the network.
  3. If required, vote the new node in as a validator.

Validator Monitoring

  1. Upgrade your node but don’t start Plus.
  2. Configure validator monitoring.
  3. Start Plus.

Event Streaming

  1. Upgrade your node but don’t start Plus.
  2. Configure event streaming.
  3. Start Plus.