Event schema file

Create an event schema file to decode smart contract event logs specified using the event streaming filter options:

Decode events to view them in a more readable format.

The event schema file is a yaml file that uses the following syntax:


# Cash contract events
 - id: cashBalanceUpdate
   contractAddress: "0xcb4f3cA3777fE16FBF4595Ba48d0eBFAEfEaBEBc"
     eventName: CashBalanceUpdate
       - position: 0
         type: BYTES32
       - position: 1
         type: ADDRESS
       - position: 2
         type: ADDRESS
       - position: 3
         type: STRING
       - position: 4
         type: STRING
       - position: 5
         type: STRING
       - position: 6
         type: INT256

Specify the following parameters to decode the event stream.

Name Type Mandatory Description
id String no Unique identifier for the event.
contractAddress String yes Address of the smart contract emitting the event.
eventSpecification json yes The event details.


Name Type Mandatory Description
eventName String yes Event name within the smart contract.
indexedParameterDefinitions String array yes Array of indexed parameter types for the event.
nonIndexedParameterDefinitions String array yes Array of non-indexed parameter types for the event.

indexedParameterDefinitions / nonIndexedParameterDefinitions

Name Type Mandatory Description
position Number yes Zero-indexed position of the parameter within the event specification
type String yes Type of the event parameter.

Currently supported parameter types: UINT8-256, INT8-256, ADDRESS, BYTES1-32, STRING, BOOL.

Dynamically sized arrays are also supported by suffixing the type with square brackets []. For example, UINT256[].