Hashicorp Vault configuration settings

The TOML configuration file used to retrieve the encryption key from Hashicorp Vault and configure secure communication using TLS when configuring encrypted storage.

Configuration Setting Required/Optional Description
hashicorp.serverHost Required Host address of Hashicorp Vault.
hashicorp.serverPort Required Port number of Hashicorp Vault.
hashicorp.token Required Root token generated when starting Hashicorp Vault.
hashicorp.keyPath Required Path to the stored encryption key.
hashicorp.keyName Optional Name of the stored encryption key. Defaults to value.
hashicorp.timeout Optional Timeout in seconds. Defaults to 10.
hashicorp.tlsEnable Optional Enable a TLS connection between PegaSys Plus and Hashicorp Vault server. Defaults to true.
hashicorp.tlsVerifyHost Optional Verify the host name on the certificate matches the server. If they do not match, the connection is denied. If TLS is enabled, defaults to true.
hashicorp.tlsTrustStoreType Optional Type of truststore. Supported types include PEM, PKCS12, and JKS.
hashicorp.tlsTrustStorePath Optional Location of the truststore.
hashicorp.tlsTrustStorePassword Optional Truststore password. Required if the truststore type is JKS or PKCS12.